Smart Zombie Studios Inc.

Mind Fix and Chill and KD Mack Studios have partnered up to create Smart Zombie Studios Incorporated. While we might be a new name, we’re synonymous with quality. Comprised of award-winning filmmakers, photographers, writers and artists with decades of experience, our main focus is creating quality material at an affordable cost. We’re a group of outside-the-box creators and the company that brings you the new web series “The Documentary Guys”. For more information drop us an e-mail.

What's Going On At Smart Zombie Studios

The Documentary Guys Release their FIRST Episode!!

We’re excited to announce that we’ve released the FIRST episode of “The Documentary Guys”. It basically played out liked this: KD Mack: “Should we release it?” Kevin: “No. Too close to the COVID19 lockdown in Alberta. We don’t want people thinking it’s OK to travel there just yet.” KD Mack: “Oh.” Kevin: “What?” KD Mack: “I said, “OH.”” Kevin: “Oh.” KD Mack: “How ’bout now?” Kevin: “Dude, you just asked me like three minutes ago if we should release it!” KD Mack: “Oh.” Kevin: “What?” KD Mack: “I said, “OH!!”” Kevin: “Sigh.” KD Mack: ***tapping his finger on the desk***