Smart Zombie Studios Inc.

Mind Fix and Chill and KD Mack Studios have partnered up to create Smart Zombie Studios Incorporated. While we might be a new name, we’re synonymous with quality. Comprised of award-winning filmmakers, photographers, writers and artists with decades of experience, our main focus is creating quality material at an affordable cost. We’re a group of outside-the-box creators and the company that will bring you the soon to be released web series “The Documentary Guys”. For more information drop us an e-mail.

What's Going On At Smart Zombie Studios

Jesus Christ – Thy Neighbour

   I missed watching the first moon landing thanks to my parents who, for whatever reason, abstained from having sex for three months prior to my conception. I was born a naked white child on the 1st of October, 1969. With light blonde hair, big blue eyes, pale skin, I looked like I’d just fallen off a Gerber label. My mother was a local purveyor of fragrances and a French makeup line which, to this day, I cannot pronounce. My pop was a cop who always hoped I’d follow in his foot steps but, in retrospect, I found it amusing

My Vacation… in 1912

Day 1 of my vacation…in 1912. 8:46am – White Star Dock, berth 44, as it reads on my heavily creased ticket. I’m here. I’m actually here. It smells like rotten fish and gasoline but I’m here. No one seems to notice me which is a good thing. Blending in nicely in my Edwardian attire and Victorian haircut. Too much pomade. If I’m going to stand out, I’m hoping it’s because of my fancy duds and not the fact I’m from the year 2020. I’m standing on a first class passengers only walkway high above a massive crowd on the pier

My Go-To Place -or- A Temporary Solution to COVID-19

Where there’s a sunbeam, there’s a temporary solution to many of life’s problems. Even when I was a little kid and I got stressed out, I sought out a sunbeam to lie in. You can find them practically anywhere. Ok, so I might not try this at the office but for now it’s in the master bedroom. I move the seldom used faux-leather recliner into position, strap on my headphones, find “Dawn of Light” by Mike Wall (highly recommended) and lean back into the 3X5 delicately dusted beam of bright white light projecting onto the carpeted floor. I know I

Oh, I’ll Complain Alright!!

I can remember my mother telling me when I was a kid to be thankful for what I’ve got. At the time, like most things my parents said to me, it either went in one ear and out the other or I just didn’t get the deeper meaning. Everything was so superficial back then. I’d just nod in agreement, feigning understanding and move forward in my childhood philosophy that “be thankful for what I’ve got” simply meant I have a Star Wars Snow Speeder and little Jamie Fraser down the street didn’t cuz he was kind of a dick. As

2020: The Year Of Clarity™

There’ll likely be many well-wishers posting their “Happy New Year” greetings today so why should I be any different? I’m not a conformist; I like to cut my own path through the woods, but I willingly suspend my beliefs if only for today. New Years has really never meant much to me. A NEW year is going to come regardless of my presence, involvement or opinion. As for new years resolutions… I don’t make them on January 1st. I make them on October 1st, my birthday. Resolutions should be personal and reflect who we are as individuals and not as

Adulting Sucks -or- Crossroads Are Stupid

The hot sun radiates down on a Mexican beach. The melody on your smartwatch rings, telling you in its native digital tongue to rollover and begin baking your other side. As you reach for the Piña Colada the waiter just set on the table next to your oceanside cabana bed, you think, this is the kind of moment I wish I could live in for the rest of my life. Not me though. You know when you’re in the shower and the warm water beats down on the back of your neck? You reach behind you and turn the handle upward and

The Funeral -or- a Short, SHORT Story About Death

167, 168, 169, 200, 201… Why do ceiling tiles have all those tiny little holes? I imagine back in the day it was so the asbestos above them could breathe. Dead, I look up from my coffin staring at a brown water stain on a warped ceiling tile. So warped, in fact, that I expect it will fall on me at any moment. Be a shame to mess up my face after the mortician worked so hard to get me just right. So, this is how it all ends; laying in a bargain basement casket, made from God-only-knows what kinda