The Funeral -or- a Short, SHORT Story About Death

167, 168, 169, 200, 201… Why do ceiling tiles have all those tiny little holes? I imagine back in the day it was so the asbestos above them could breathe. Dead, I look up from my coffin staring at a brown water stain on a warped ceiling tile. So warped, in fact, that I expect it will fall on me at any moment. Be a shame to mess up my face after the mortician worked so hard to get me just right. So, this is how it all ends; laying in a bargain basement casket, made from God-only-knows what kinda

Just Create! -or- “Creative Juices” Sounds Gross!

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about a variety of projects I’m currently working on. One in particular is a children’s books I’m struggling to put together with a friend of mine… and I stress the word “struggling”. It seems that every time I go to work on the book life gets in the way — life and a lack of enthusiasm. I’d liken it to writer’s block but I’m illustrating. Well, I’m writing it too but as I write this article the story line of the book is already written. I’m sure writing out the actual book text will

The Day I Altered The Future -or- Leave The Worms Be

Over the past few days I’ve had a recurring memory of a day two years ago when I was out jogging. It could be nothing. It could mean the end of the Universe!! I was out for a run in the spring of 2017, like I still do nearly everyday. Little did I know that that day would be different. I was running past our local community center adjacent to a field vacant of any greenery. The result of the ongoing construction that would eventually give birth to a new suburban neighborhood. I bounced along the path with ACDC’s “Back

Turning 50 -or- I Think I’m Going Japanese

As I write this I’m on a bullet train bound for Kyoto and I can’t help but smile as we pass by Mt. Fuji who’s decided of all days to pick today to wear a hat (of clouds). It’s the first time I laid eyes on her. In fact, it’s my first visit to the Land of the Rising Sun. I came here to celebrate my 50th birthday and mark visiting Japan off my bucket list. I’m finding it hard to resist getting all nostalgic about my birthday this year, even though I’ve never considered myself the nostalgic type. I