About Us

Kevin – The Camera-shy Camera Guy

Kevin was raised on Hi-8 tapes and 110 film in Toronto, Canada.

He is a commercial pilot, licensed drone operator, and former trained crime scene photographer.

As a commercial pilot, Kevin has flown professional photographers and film crews around the Toronto area way before drones became mainstream.

When not taking photographs and video under our Mind Fix and Chill brand, he is busy taking real estate photography, making short promo videos and shopping online for the latest tech gear.

KD Mack

Native of Nova Scotia, Canada and now living in Toronto, KD Mack has worked as an assistant director, storyboard artist, production designer and story department coordinator for 13 years in the film and television industry. He is the host of the upcoming web series “The Documentary Guys” and co-owner of Smart Zombie Studios Inc.

KD is a diverse artist specializing in photography, writing and music and is an award-winning filmmaker. He is also willing to take credit for much of Kurt Russell’s later works.