2020: The Year Of Clarity™

There’ll likely be many well-wishers posting their “Happy New Year” greetings today so why should I be any different? I’m not a conformist; I like to cut my own path through the woods, but I willingly suspend my beliefs if only for today.

New Years has really never meant much to me. A NEW year is going to come regardless of my presence, involvement or opinion. As for new years resolutions… I don’t make them on January 1st. I make them on October 1st, my birthday. Resolutions should be personal and reflect who we are as individuals and not as a whole. I believe they’re to be made in preparation for YOUR new year, not the world’s. It’s one of the only times when it’s OK to be a bit selfish. So indulge.

2020 is on our doorstep wiping its feet on a heavily weathered welcome mat. Incidentally, I tried to trademark “2020: The Year of Clarity” but my application was denied due to a bounced check. 2020 will be a year of great change many of us. For me, I realize there are likely less days ahead than there are behind so I no longer have the luxury of wasting time. I turned 50 in 2019 and as a result, the year has taught me much more than any other. It wasn’t a bad year. In fact it was a pretty damned good year. I won a really nice award at work, I travelled to Mexico and Japan, welcomed another dog to the family, and changed a signal light in my car (all by myself). But I think the most important thing that happened in 2019 (sorry for the language but it’s needed to support my conviction) was that I learned to shut the fuck up. I talk too much about my projects and goals and all of them went unfulfilled. I’d talk and talk and fantasize about reaping the rewards of all that intended hard work and I’d never even start the project cuz in my mind I’d done it all and succeeded. I’d just move on to the next big idea. But not this time.

Unless you’re one of those nut jobs who say, “2021 is the start of the new decade, 2020 marks the beginning of a new decade for us and a new chapter for me. With any luck I’ll fail. Yeah, that’s right. Because success is born from failure. I’ve failed a lot in the past so in all logic 2020 should be my time. And if it isn’t then 2021 is looking pretty good too. Either way, I have a roof over my head, meals on the table and a family who loves and supports me.

And that makes every year a good year!